Sustainable Site Design

Designing a project to be cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable is the expectation today.  It is not easy but it can be done by applying innovative solutions to work with stormwater instead of just piping it away.  Stormwater can be used on the project site as either an immediate asset (irrigation, toilet flushing, etc.) or as a more long-term asset. When we look at the “cost” of a project it is expected that we are including a look at the expense or savings of the project 5-years or 10-years out (maybe even longer).  Designs should present intelligent options for project-owners and homeowners who recognize that we can do a better job on projects so they are respectful of the planet, while actually saving them money today and tomorrow.

The steps in a Sustainable Site Design include these,

  • Selecting building placement so it preserves natural site attributes,
  • Avoid point-source discharge opportunities,
  • Locate drainage so  it can be bio-filtered naturally,
  • Provide space or natural methods for drainage to be infiltrated or detained.