Storm Water Hydrology

Hydrology is the study of the water cycle, (the naturally occurring cycle of rainfall, infiltration, run-off, evaporation, and transpiration).  Storm Water Hydrology has become a critical part of development in Southern California.  Whether required by regulation or desired for sustainability during drought – Storm Water Hydrology is rapidly becoming one of the most important and demanding scientific inputs to projects today.

Because of the technical requirements that must be met to do an accurate analysis of Storm Water Hydrology, often engineering firms do not have the in-house expertise to perform this work.    Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering is intimately familiar with the needs and requirements of projects and can bring the technical expertise to an engineering design team so the project’s design is compliant with the good principals of this science.  Contact us for a discussion of how we can bring efficiency and other benefits to your next project.

Some of the most common tasks that our engineering team members ask us to perform are listed here.

  • Drainage Area Studies
  • 100-year Peak Storm Mitigation
  • Peak Storm Routing through Drainage Networks, Basins, or Vaults
  • Multi-year Peak Storm Run-off Routing through Projects.