We are often asked … Why do you offer a service to do “visualizations” of engineering projects?

It’s a fair question.  And the answer is not based on high-technology or anything like that.  It is because all decision-makers who approve civil engineering projects (no matter the size) need to see what they will get.  It is basic human-nature for us to need to understand things we will be paying for.  Almost all civil engineers can create very accurate, efficient plans and specifications.  This is critical to the work that we all do.  But almost none can “show you” what it will look like.  This is why Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering offers this service to public agencies and other design engineering firms.

When a project needs to be visualized, it can be for any number of reasons.  If it is a residential subdivision or planned-development – visualizations can be critical to getting the planning agencies and citizen stakeholder groups to understand the project.  Remember, no one likes change.  It’s a basic human condition to prefer things to stay like they are.  Visualizations can allay the fear of a new project by explaining what the project can actually be, in a manner that all can understand.  Engineers seem to think that everyone can understand their plans and specifications – unfortunately, it’s not true.  Using visualizations can be just the trick to get the project approved or accepted by groups.  That means it gets approved more quickly.

If the project is a commercial, industrial or public-works project, most likely the need for visualizations is much more critical.  For the past 15-years, Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering has prepared visualizations for small and very large projects for design engineers across the US.  Often these are done as single photo-realistic renderings.  Commonly, these are computer animations that show the bridge, water treatment plant or highway interchange in a 360-degree orbit of the project.  Each situation is different and each budget is part of the decision of method.