For decades as we have worked with Architects, Developers and Engineers, they have asked for a “quick and dirty” idea of what their planned project would look like on this or that piece of property.

After privately rolling our eyes, we would begin the process of assembling the site information and develop a base-sheet.  Then, we could start laying out their project alternatives.  Even under the best of circumstances, it would take a couple of days to a week.  And, because of the circumstances – we would have to “eat the cost” of doing most of this work, always hoping that we would get the contract to do the actual design.

Not Anymore…

Now by using our computer-aided-design software coupled with other design and visualization products, we can give the client much, much more information in less time.  Now we can extrapolate site existing conditions using special software to grab available information from local, state and federal GIS sources to rapidly develop a base-sheet.  Then using “artificial intelligence” augmented design tools we can layout the subdivision, commercial center or apartment project. And all of this can be done in about a day.  (Obviously, it depends on what else we have going on in the office at the time, but the takeaway is that this gives you more, better and quicker information – which also means it is less costly.

If you have an upcoming project, let us show you a Rapid Project Preview!