Multi-Family Residential Site Design

In the world of multi-family residential, it is all about the investment.  Developers are usually working with a debt service on the property so time is money.  This means that after the Architect generates a preliminary design and a preliminary site plan, the Civil Engineer must quickly see if it works (meaning that the earthwork balances, and the utilities can be efficiently placed, and today – that the storm water treatment can be designed into the plan).

At Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering, we understand that on this kind of project efficiency and clear communication are essential.  Our team has designed a great many of these projects and we know from experience that there is a very specific order the design must follow.

Probably the most important aspect of multi-family residential design is a working knowledge of what works and what does not.  This can only come when the design-team has experience in all phases of the project.  Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering knows how to work as a team-member.  We understand intimately how to design the project.  We thoroughly understand how the approving agencies work.  And, we are very motivated to make your project a success.

Let us make your team a winner, on your next project.

San Diego is experiencing a rapid growth in multi-family residential projects.  They are an important part of our evolving culture.  Let’s make sure they are designed to provide a long service life and provide a good environment for living.

The more density, the greater the site design challenge.

There is a lot “below ground” needed to support the apartment or condominium development.  Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering can bring the benefit of decades of experience, the latest in 3D design technology, and a deep working knowledge of today’s storm water permit knowledge.