Flood Plain Engineering

If your property or project are near or in a flood plain, you may well need our help.  We are uniquely qualified to give you good information and advice because we have a Nationally Certified Floodplain Manager.  This means our information is up-to-date and our experience will be helpful to you.

We help you with:

  • Elevation Certificates – to insure you get the lowest possible flood insurance.
  • Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) – all types
  • Flood encroachment analysis and design.

Services Offered

Preparation of Elevation Certificates

Preparation of Letters of Map Amendment

Preparation of Letters of Map Revision

Performance of HEC flood plain studies

Flood Plain Engineering Services

Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering can assist you with many aspects of the flooding that may threaten your property.  We provide the following services.

  • We prepare Elevation Certificates
  • We prepare Letters of Map Amendment
  • We prepare Letters of Map Revision
  • We analyze flood conditions and perform HEC studies of the property adjacent to your site.
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