Custom Home Site Design

Designing a site for a custom home is much like creating a frame to hold a masterpiece painting.  You don’t notice it unless it takes away from the artwork.

Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering has developed great expertise at designing the perfect site for the custom home.  Much of our success has come from our attitude that every member of the design-team has an important role to play. We work as a team.  The Architect takes the lead, but often our Architect team-member will ask us to do preliminary design right up front.  For instance, say the site is on a mountain top.  The home has a footprint of just over 6,000 square feet.  He might say … give me a pad about 170 feet long by 80 feet deep.  Make sure the driveway is no steeper than 10% grade, and be sure that the earthwork “balances”.

For many firms, this would be a major effort to design to these restrictive criteria.  At Earth Wind Water, we do it commonly.  We can provide this service because we have designed literally hundreds of building sites, and we use the very latest in 3-dimensional design software.  This task would take us a couple of hours.

What we bring to the Job …

  • Depth of understanding about quality site design.
  • Thorough understanding of the codes and ordinances.
  • High competency in storm-water and pollution prevention design.
  • Mastery of the latest in 3-Dimensional design techniques.

We bring great value to the design-team.

Because we are highly experienced in designing site development for custom homes, our clients see these results.

  • Site grading and development is harmonious to the custom home.
  • Plan check is efficient and does not hold up other design disciplines.
  • Client and team-members are always kept informed of the project status.
  • Quality designs which are appreciated by all.
  • Compliance with the applicable local and state pollution prevention design criteria.