Project Preview

What is it?

It is a future look at what your proposed project could look like, based on a lot of assumptions – which you make.  We ask you questions, you give answers.  Then we create your “project preview”.  We do not consider these to be visualizations or project animations, because previews are based on numerous assumptions.

We also prepare project visualizations (still image or animations) of projects to accurately represent the project, based on the designer’s plans and specifications.

What kind of information is needed for a project preview?

We need the address or location of the project site, The boundary configuration (even from a tax assessor’s map), and a site plan sketch from your architect or other designers.  The site plan can be a preliminary sketch or a drafted site plan.  We have even provided prototypes from sketches on napkins, although that’s not our preferred method.

How are project previews prepared?

It is entirely computer-generated.  We use cutting-edge CAD software linked to publicly-available GIS (geographic information system) databases that can include data from your city, state, and federal government sources.  This allows us to accurately pull together a base of the site and its nearby environment.  Next, we take the site plan sketch that you provide and generate a likely representation of the buildings shown on the plan.  Finally, we use roadway design standards and a prototype design tool augmented by AI (artificial intelligence), to lay out a likely system of streets and roads.  To complete the illustration we add ground-cover, trees, and shrubs.  At this point, we can provide you with lots of different views of the project.  We can generate any number of still images or computer preview animations showing a drive-through or a fly-over of the project.

What is the benefit of a preview?

Our clients tell us that these preliminary views of the project help in many situations.  It may be to give a lender or investors an understanding of the planned project concepts.  It could be to help explain to agency reviewers and the public stake-holders what you generally propose.  They can be used to sort out aspects of the project among the design-team.  Whatever your needs, it is very likely that a project previews will be a valuable tool for you.

How do we work?

We work with the project planning members.  Whether a private developer or a city planning CIP projects.  All we need is your general concepts.

How long does the process take?

It is very fast.  Depending on our work-load, it can be done in a day.  Also, it depends on the degree of input you provide to us.

What does it cost?

Please contact us by email to discuss pricing.  In most cases, our clients are very surprised at the low cost.  Send an email to:

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