Our Design Approach is Collaboration.

We integrate with your other design team members.  We provide the cost-effective stormwater consulting required for approval of your project.  Because we specialize in stormwater consulting, we can rapidly design your stormwater devices (called BMPs) – saving time and cost.  We use the approach below, to accomplish our work.  The exact process will vary depending on the kind of project you have.  For example, working with a team on a custom home or commercial development is very different than with a golf course architect.

General Design Approach

  1. Architect creates a vision of the project,
  2. Civil Engineer creates a preliminary grading design,
  3. Earth Wind Water creates a stormwater plan strategy,
  4. Revised site and grading design is prepared,
  5. Earth Wind Water performs a preliminary sizing of the BMPs,
  6. Design team evaluates the project with all of this information.
  7. Earth Wind Water sizes bio-filtration basins and other BMPs.
  8. Earth Wind Water provides design details of Pollutant and Flow Control BMPs,
  9. Design team prepares individual plan sets for submittal to approving agency,
  10. Earth Wind Water prepares required reports for submittal with the plans, and
  11. Design team submits the project for review and approval.