Golf Course Sustainability Consulting …

Whether you love the game of golf or appreciate that golf courses are urban forests that provide numerous benefits to our communities – they are in jeopardy due to the fact that they can require lots of water to maintain their beautiful stands of trees and acreage of turf.  It turns out that they can benefit from the lessons learned from Low Impact Development and other environmentally sensitive design methods in use now on commercial, industrial, and residential projects.  The trick is to apply these lessons-learned in innovative ways.

After completing a great number of these projects, applying the technology to golf courses can reduce their demands on public water systems by a huge amount.  The USGA (United States Golf Association) has a standard method of analyzing a golf course’s demand for water.  Using this analysis method, a golf course can look to reduce its public water purchase requirements by as much as 75%.  This may mean the difference between a golf course being economically viable or not.  Experts agree that the cost of potable water in most areas of the country will rise an average of 8-10 percent each year from now on.

United States Golf Association
Golf Course Superintends Association of America
San Diego Chapter - Golf Course Superintendents Association of America