Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering (EWW)  announced the opening of an office in Colorado Springs today.  The office will be in a new office building north of the downtown area.  The plans are to offer a menu of services to support local civil engineers and architect who must now deal with recently strengthened environmental regulations regarding stormwater discharges.

EWW will bring its team of highly experienced environmental engineers to assist local projects in meeting these regulations.  The new regulations have a variety of impacts on new projects.  Residential projects may not see much in the way of new regulations.  However, larger multi-family residential projects and commercial or industrial projects will be faced with much more strengent limitations on their stormwater discharges.  The new regulation require reduction of the pollutants in dischargeing stormwater.  Other new regulations will require impounding or detaining stormwater during peak flow discharges.

The office is located at 1755 Telstar Drive, Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO. 80920
Phone is:  729-622-6152