EARTH WIND WATER is a full-service civil engineering firm offering a complete range of engineering solutions for grading, drainage and utility systems for small and large developments in the San Diego region.  All projects today require an understanding of new and evolving environmental requirements.  We go the extra mile to make sure that your projects avoid as many regulatory hurdles as is possible.  Then we proceed in a smooth and efficient manner to deliver to you an optimized and economical solution.  Help with these terms?


  • Water Quality Analysis-Design, (San Diego & Colorado Springs)
    including SWPPPs, WPCP, WQTR, SWMPS, and all related alphabetic flavors are prepared,
  • Drainage Design Services, (San Diego & Colorado Springs)
    for all manner of projects including compliance with all of the new water quality considerations,
  • Grading Design, (San Diego)
    for single-family homes and large complex developments using advanced 3D computer solutions,
  • Utility Design, (San Diego)
    for water, sewer and storm drainage piping systems to serve any project,
  • Street and Roadway Design, (San Diego)
    whether large of small traffic volumes are done with our in-house systems,
  • Floodplain Engineering Services, (San Diego & Colorado Springs)
    performing analysis and filing reports with FEMA.

Earth Wind Water Completes Urban Infill Project

Even though we have completed almost 100 water quality projects in San Diego, it is still satisfying to reach approval on the design of another one.  Our most recent project, a 14 unit apartment "in-fill-project" located in eastern San Diego.  The project was designed...

ASFPM Issues Flooding Resilience Paper

Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering frequently performs floodplain civil engineering work.  Our founder, Dan Biggs is a Certified Floodplain Manager (a national certification) so we closely follow changes to regulations and policies of urban flooding. Recently the...

26 Acre Truck Transport Facility

Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering has been selected to design the grading and improvements for a 26-acre trucking facility in Otay Mesa, CA.  The facility known as a Truck Transport Facility is used to transfer freight trailers from Mexican trucking companies to US...

New office in Colorado Springs

Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering (EWW)  announced the opening of an office in Colorado Springs today.  The office will be in a new office building north of the downtown area.  The plans are to offer a menu of services to support local civil engineers and architect...

Earth Wind Water Engineering Staff to Sit on Stormwater Task Force

In January 2018, the Building Industry Association of San Diego (BIA) requested that Dan S. Biggs (principal engineer at Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering) continue to serve on the Industry advisory task force for stormwater regulations.  The BIA is very active in...

City of San Diego Development Services Department Releases new Forms for Stormwater Infiltration

As a part of the recently released PDP SWQMP template, the City has issued new forms that must now be used in the evaluation of a site for infiltration.  These forms are in the "I Group" and deal with various evaluations of the site's infiltration...

City of San Diego Publishes New Template for PDP SWQMPs

Late in February 2018, the City of San Diego posted a new template which must be used when preparing Storm Water Quality Management Plans for Priority Developments in the City of San Diego.  The template contains much of the same information as before but...

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

Rancho Bernardo, CA Earth Wind Water Civil Engineering has accepted an invitation to join the national effort by civil engineers to meet the challenges of designing more environmentally sustaining project.  The organization behind this effort is called the Institute...

New Project Engagement in Del Mar, CA

Rancho Bernardo, CA EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering is very pleased to have been chosen to work with well-known Architect Allan Teta and Landscape Architect Brian Grove on a complex project in Del Mar, CA.  The project is taking a "ranch style" home on a large lot...

San Diego County Gets Final Model BMP Design Manual

Rancho Bernardo, CA Ever since the Region 9 Water Bard passed the new Storm Water Rule of 2013, it has been a "wait and see" situation for many site design professionals.  With the release of the June 2015 "Final Draft" ... we now can see how all of the Cities in San...