Utility Design in San Diego

utility constructionProjects are required to provide acceptable connects to services needed by the development they create.  These utilities fall into two categories: “dry utilities” (like power, telephone, cable TV) and “wet utilities” (like sewer and water).  EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering has the experience and capacity to design all of the “wet utilities” needed for your project.

Water Utility Design

In California today, water is rapidly becoming one of the most precious commodities.  This appreciation will likely continue to be front and center in our lives.  Civil Engineers work between the municipal agencies that provide drinking water (called potable water) and the home-builder or developer of the commercial project to assure proper deliver and use of potable water.  Proper use of potable water is a current “hot button” for all concerned.  Civil Engineers make sure that there is an adequate supply of water for domestic and emergency uses of all projects.  It is critical that if a fire is being fought, there be enough water at an appropriate water pressure to get the job done.

Sanitary Sewer Design

We don’t often talk about it, but sanitary sewers (also called wastewater) are another topic getting more and more attention today.  This is because we need to consider using all of our water in any reasonable way we can without wasting any of it while maintaining safety to residents.  Today it is generally the case in Southern California that we use water once, then send it out to the Pacific Ocean.  Sure it is “cleaned up” but the fact remains that we typically use it once.  Then we have to re-import it from hundreds of miles away to again use once.  This is not the most intelligent way to use wastewater.  Today more and more science is being applied to find ways to cleanup wastewater so it can be reused for non-potable water uses.  Why not reuse it for landscape irrigation or isolated water features, or what about placing it back into the ground so it can recharge the diminishing supply of groundwater needed for uses like wells.  All of these matters are under intense consideration and new methods are being considered by Civil Engineers for use on your projects.  It is not only good for the environment, it makes good sense from a financial point of view.