Grading Design in San Diego

grading siteGrading plans can be required by your approving agency (a City or the County) whenever you move a significant amount of earth.  The cut and fill amounts vary from agency to agency.   A grading plan is used to get a grading permit, and when it is obtained, the agency inspector will check the work done by the grading contractor to assure that it is done according to the grading plan.

Today in San Diego there is an increased emphasis to make sure that whenever there is grading, that it not contribute any pollution to the region’s environment.  This means that the grading plan must have a drainage plan component which clearly shows how the site will safely drain storm water without polluting the area both during the grading construction and when the project is completed.

Recent changes in State and Federal regulations require that the grading plan also have a complete Erosion Control Plan which delineates the devices and methods of pollution prevention.  The methods of pollution prevention are now called BMPs (Best Management Practices).  Failure to adequately provide these BMPs can result in significant fines and the stoppage of construction at the job site.

EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering has great expertise in the preparation of Grading Plans, Drainage Plans and Erosion Control Plans for any kind of residential, industrial, or commercial project.