Flood Elevation Certificates in San Diego

An Elevation Certificate is an official document prepared by a licensed land surveyor or professional civil engineer which determines the FEMA flood elevation at your property.  It continues to provide information about the elevation of the physical improvements on your property (like the ground around your home and the elevations of your floor).  This document is then given to your Flood Insurance provider and is used to determine your flood risk and thus the cost of the insurance.

Will my flood insurance rate be lower if I have an Elevation Certificate?
Yes!  You will pay less for for flood insurance if you provide the broker with an Elevation Certificate.

How can I get out of the requirement for flood insurance?
The only way to get out of paying for flood insurance is to prove to your lender that you are out of the flood.  You do this by first having an Elevation Certificate prepared and then if it shows that your property is sufficiently above the level of the flood, you proceed to have a Certified Floodplain Manager or Professional Civil Engineer prepare and process a Letter of Map Amendment or Letter of Map Revision.  These documents are the ways to change the official flood insurance rate map or “flood map” which determines which properties need flood insurance.

Note:  FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which administers the Flood Insurance Rate Program of the US.