Floodplain Engineering in San Diego

flood plainMany areas of San Diego County are in flooding zones called Floodplains.  The Federal Government agency charged with mapping these areas is FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and they regularly publish maps of these flooded areas across the US.  The areas shown as being subject to flooding in a 100-year storm are called Floodplains (technically they are also called Special Flood Hazard Areas).  FEMA gives designations to areas within the flooding and calls them Flood Zones.  If you find yourself in a Floodplain, and receive a letter from your mortgage lender telling you to purchase Flood Insurance – you will want the help of a Flood Plain Civil Engineer.

A flood plain civil engineer that has the expertise to be most helpful is called a “Certified Floodplain Manager” or CFM.  This Civil Engineer knows the regulations, conditions and processes of FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program and has passed special knowledge examinations such that FEMA recognizes him or her as an expert in this field.

EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering has a CFM on staff and can assist you in many ways.  First, it is a fact that a great many people who get the mortgage lender insurance letters, get them in error and don’t need the insurance – we can confirm that you need insurance.  Second, our services can quantify the degree of flooding your home will experience and dramatically reduce the costs of your insurance.

We can assist you with many procedures that can lower or even eliminate the need for Flood Insurance.  Among these services are:  FEMA Elevation Certificates, FEMA Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA), and FEMA Letters of Map Revision (LOMR).  If you have been told that your property must have Flood Insurance, checking with us can give you the assurance that the need is true or that you can get proof that you do not.