Street & Roadway Design in San Diego

street designYour project needs to be accessible to anyone needing to get to it.  Streets, roadways and driveways provide the access it needs.  EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering is uniquely qualified to design these critical improvements for you.

Public Streets

Streets provide the vast majority of access solutions in our region.  Streets are owned by all of us and are public.  They must be designed to conform to strict requirements set down by local agencies but are based upon national standards of design so they provide the safety and comfort you have come to know.  EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering employs highly experienced engineers who have designed many miles of these streets.  We understand the rules and have the technology to design them using full 3D solutions.


Roads can be either publicly or privately owned.  They are as important as public streets but can be designed with more flexibility in many situations.  EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering will use our experience designing streets to provide a safe and practical solution for your road design needs.

Parking Lots

All developments need places for users and owners to park.  Today parking lots are a target for special design because many pollutants are generated in them and these are easily designed out so there is minimal pollution generated.  EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering uses new and evolving techniques call “Low Impact Development” standards to mitigate the harmful potential of parking lots.  We know how to accomplish this while often reducing the developers costs for building and maintaining the parking areas.