EARTH WIND WATER is a full-service civil engineering firm offering a complete range of engineering solutions for grading, drainage and utility systems for small and large developments in the San Diego region.  All projects today require an understanding of new and evolving environmentally requirements.  We go the extra mile to make sure that your projects avoid as many regulatory hurdles as is possible.  Then we proceed in a smooth and efficient manner to deliver to you an optimized and economical solution.


  • Grading Design, for single family homes and large complex developments using advanced 3D computer solutions,
  • Drainage Design, for all manner of projects including compliance with all of the new water quality considerations,
  • Utility Design, for water, sewer and storm drainage piping systems to serve any project,
  • Street and Roadway Design, whether large of small traffic volumes are done with our in-house systems,
  • Water Quality Compliance Reports, including SWPPPs, WPCP, WQTR, SWMPS, and all related alphabetic flavors are prepared, and
  • Floodplain Engineering, performing analysis and filing reports with FEMA.