About Us – Useful Technology

EARTH WIND WATER Civil Engineering makes extreme use of technology to do our work.  We know that our experience can best be applied to your project by maximizing the productivity through the intelligent use of technology. Technology comes in many forms starting with enhanced communication, ending with the very best available 3-dimensional design software.

These are exciting times to be in Civil Engineering.  There are major new challenges as our economy struggles to rise out of the terrible situation created by the recession of 2008.  Today we must provide more with less.

  • Communication Technology
    As project opportunities come, we greet them with enhanced communications, coupled with the “personal touch”.  Every phone call to our offices is greeted by a professional receptionist – that is very important to us.   Clients always know the status of their projects by using our “client website portal”, where we list project information and communicate in ways that augment the voice and text communications.
  • Reporting Technology
    We prepare a large number of sophisticated reports as we do our design and water quality analysis.  Our reports are accurate, easy to read, and professionally presented.  It is important that we present your project in a manner that will support its rapid review and approval.
  • Design Technology
    We use the most sophisticated suite of design software available anywhere.  Our designs make use of the latest versions of Autodesk’s Civil 3D software.  We also use Autodesk’s 3D Studio software to make our designs understandable to clients and the design team.

To be meaningful today, engineering must do more with less.  Budgets and schedules are very tight.  We will not be the hold-up on your project … ever.